My son’s journey with letters – how it all started

My son’s journey with letters – how it all started

When my son was 1 he received a great toy that started it all.

It was actually one of his birthday gifts from his granny, who lives in Poland.

So what was it?

A soft cube with letters.

 photo june2013126_zps389c3789.jpg

I was trying to find a similar toy, here in the UK, so you can get it for your baby, but this turned out to be a very difficult task.

My favourite website for educational toys,, used to sell something similar to the one we’ve got, but it is such a popular item it is sold out everywhere. Maybe by the time you read this post,it will be back in stock,so you can check it out here.

 photo playwowsoftcubes_zps01a46cb5.jpg

If not, you can get this one from Baby Gund ABC Soft Cube

 photo softcubebabygund_zps28158319.jpg

Clifford very quickly learned all the letters on the cube, A-F, and he started wanting more,so at the beginning I started writing letters on whatever was available near by, and often that was a tissue box, but later I got a little notepad specially for this purpose. We will write few letters daily, few times per day, wherever he wanted me to.

In the meantime we bought wooden alphabet puzzle. At the beginning we kept them in their foil wrapping, as we thought he will bite them and damage them before he can fully use them,and he was learning just by looking at the board and saying the letters.At some point I unwrapped them, and he started using them as puzzle.He learned very quickly how to put them in their places, as he already remembered the order from looking at them for few months previously. You can unwrap them straight away of course, if your child is older, or doesn’t put things in his/her mouth already, but keeping them in foil for few months worked for us. We still have all of them,and all are in good shape, after having them for 1,5years.

Similar wooden alphabet puzzle to the one we’ve got:

Click on the image to go to the website.

By the time he was 17 or 18 months, he knew all phonics. He was able to recognize the letters in the book or written by hand, and say the correct sound.

He doesn’t play with the cube now, but he still loves the letters to bits, and apart from his wooden alphabet puzzles who he plays with from time to time, one of his favourite toys are magnetic letters.

Our letters are just like these ones, upper and lower cases, numbers and signs, all in one box:

We usually play with them in one of two ways:
1) Clifford will pick a letter or number one by one from the box saying its name and giving it to me,and I have to repeat after him and put aside or
2) When the box is empty, he will give me a number or letter like above, and after repeating after him, I will put it in the box

He loves this simple game :-)

Good luck to you! And remember to have fun!



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